Las Terrazas, Cuba

We read about Baños de San Juan (close to Las Terrazas) (map)in our travel guide and decided to go there by taxi. We started from Viñales as there aren’t any bus connections. Unfortunately we went there on a Sunday and it was crowded. Many locals visit this spot on the weekends. There were people sitting in and around the river, having bbqs, drinking rum and playing with their children. As there aren’t any regulations, it was packed with people. We also have to say that a lot of people were extremely drunk. In Cuba rum is very cheap and it seems as Cuba has a problem with alcohol abuse. We therefore recommend to go there on week days as it is supposed to be very calm and relaxing. And don’t forget to organize a reliable taxi to pick you up on the way back beforehand as there won’t be any.

If you decided to stay for one or two nights, you will find a few little cabins on stilts which lie just 2 minutes away from the river on a clearing. The check in took ages as we had to do it at the bar which was full of people who wanted to order more drinks. After waiting for a while we got our keys.

The cabins are stunning and you feel like you are sleeping in the middle of the jungle. Unfortunatly we couldn’t really enjoy our stay, but we believe it is definitely worth it during the week.


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