Cienfuegos, Cuba

After spending some days in beautiful Playa Larga we headed east towards Cienfuegos (map). Zuleyda herself (who was our host in Playa Larga) booked the casa Las Golondrinas for us as she spends her holidays there with her family and loves it. We would always decide for this casa again as the hosts were really friendly and helped us in every situation. The casa has an extraordinary terrace where we had our breakfast and dinner. For breakfast the biggest fruit plate we had ever seen was served and we will never forget the mangos. The dinner was also very good for a casa.

We have to admit that we were a bit disappointed by Cienfuegos as it has just very few cafes and restaurants. We had dinner once in a restaurant which was really bad so we stuck to our good food at the casa. Cienfuegos has a few pretty big supermarkets where we found our first cookies in Cuba and we have never been that happy about having cookies 🙂 You can walk (about an hour) or drive by bicycle taxi to Punta Gorda which is at the very end of the city. There are a few very old and beautiful houses but apart from that we didn’t like it very much as there was barely anything to see or do. Back in the city, we found one place just at the beginning of the peer which sold tasty skewers from the barbecue. They only cost 1 CUC but you have to wait a while as they are all freshly made.

We decided to spend a few hours exploring the botanical garden close to Cienfuegos so our host organized a friend who drove us there, waited for us and took us back. We payed 15 CUC for the trip which took about 3 to 4 hours. The botanical garden was pretty much a huge area full of every plant you could imagine. Unfortunately there were no paths and signs and it was so big that we really had to watch where we were going without getting lost. It may be more reasonable to book a guide who can show you around and tell you some facts about the beautiful nature.

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