Varadero, Cuba

Until the end of our tour we didn’t really know whether to visit Varadero (map) or not. On the one hand we had heard stories and rumours about 5 star hotels, huge resorts and mass tourism, but on the other hand Varadero was supposed to have one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. So in the end we thought that there has to be a reason for so many travellers to visit Varadero and we stayed there for two nights. And we wouldn’t regret this decision.

We arrived in Varadero and first of all had to find a casa. Walking around and looking for a casa on-site, even though it was enormously hot, was the best decision we had made. Thanks to our patience and energy we found a very modern and charming casa with great hosts which was located directly on the beach. The dinner was delicious and everything was perfect for our last two days in Cuba. Unfortunately we can’t remember the name of this casa, but it was close to Calle 44. We recommend that you  stay in the front part of the Peninsula as this is where Cubans spend their holidays as well. The further you get to the end of the Peninsula the bigger the hotels and resorts will get.

We walked through the streets, enjoyed the atmosphere and were happy that we decided to come here in the end. You can find many little stores, some supermarkets, souvenir shops and restaurants. After the hottest time of the day we enjoyed swimming in the clear water and relaxed on our terrace.

We can definitely understand why so many tourists come to Varadero. It has a beautiful beach with crystal clear water and is just perfect to relax. Still we believe that a couple of nights are enough and that you can’t experience Cuba by staying in Varadero.

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