Lisbon, Portugal

When we arrived at the airport we first picked up our hired car and then drove to our apartment which we booked via Airbnb. Our apartment was located in a lively and beautiful district, called Alfama. It was perfect for us, as it gave us the opportunity to just wander around and find interesting little shops/restaurants/bars. And it was very cheap.  For 2 persons we payed around 25€ per night. The city centre was about 10 minutes away by foot, so everything is pretty reachable. Not only our flat, but Lisbon (map) in general, is pretty cheap and we usually payed between 8 and 13€ for our dinner. One of our favourite dishes was gilthead (fish:Dorado).

We just love markets, but we had never seen a market hall like the one in Lisbon before. The “Time Out Mercado Da Ribeira” is so special, because many of the best chefs in Lisbon have a little stall where they offer their freshly prepared dishes. The prices vary, depending on what you chose, but you will find delicious food which is comparatively cheap. Within a week, you could easily have every lunch at this market hall.

As we hired a car and had about one week in Lisbon, we decided to drive to Cascais on several occasions. It is about 40 minute away by car. If you have the time, you need to go there. You will find a beautiful harbour, a small beach and a rough and rocky coast.

On another day we wanted to see the other side of the huge, red bridge, connecting Lisbon and Almada. Many Portuguese go to this beach, when it gets too hot in the city. The “Costa da Caparica” is a long and wide sandy beach, perfect for a swim. When we were there, it was too cold to go swimming, but we were very lucky to witness the traditional Portugese way of fishing, which was quite exciting.

Lisbon is probably one of the most popular cities in Europe right now and we can definitely understand why. It is not like any other European capital. This city offers both, the traditional Portuguese way of living and the modern, fashionable, global lifestyle. On the one hand, you will meet surfers from all over the world at Lisbon’s beaches and on the other hand, you will get lost in the traditional sounds of ‘Fado’. It is worth visiting this awesome city.


2 replies to “Lisbon, Portugal

  1. Lisbon is a lovely city with a great blend of vintage tradition and beauty as well as modernism. Portugal and specifically Lisbon has been on our list for some time now and we do hope to get there soon. Thanks for sharing your experiences, it was a pleasure reading your post.

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  2. We visited Lisbon last year and stayed in Alfama too. It is a quaint and lovely neighbourhood full of life. We also had an opportunity to watch Fado performance. Agree with you, with a blend of traditional and modern Lisbon is a great place worth a visit.


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