Florence, Italy

On our two-week tour through Italy, we stayed in Florence (map) for three days. This is the perfect amount of time to get a first impression of the city. We have to say that you have to get used to the driving style of the locals and the traffic. We experienced it to be more chaotic than in Rom for example. Finding a parking space was also quite tricky. We recommend to book a flat/room with a parking space or to search for long-term parking beforehand. After solving the problem with our car, we checked into our Airbnb apartment and wandered through the little streets of the city in order to explore our neighbourhood. The next day, we were excited to getting to know Florence.In general, the centre of Florence isn’t too big, but has a special flair with its famous bridge across the river Arno and its beautiful old buildings and statues.

The historical buildings of Florence are in a way special. The cathedral of Santa Maria is a good example for that. The different colours and the way this building was constructed are just unique. Besides that, Florence has many little squares with cafés and restaurants. One of our favourite ones was Piazza Santo Spirito, which is just in front of  chiesa di Santo Spirito, on the other side of the river Arno. You will find many different bars around the piazza and a relaxing atmosphere. One of the most famous ones is the Piazza Della Signoria. But it is just full of tourists and the restaurants often serve ‘tourist menus’. Usually we avoid those places. We prefer places where a lot of locals go to.

Amazing bar at Piazza Santo Spirito

Don’t forget to visit the world famous Uffizi museum as you will find art from Botticelli, Michelangelo and many more. Right next to the museum there is the Accademia gallery where you have the chance to see Michelangelos David. Even though the weather in summer feels too good to visit a museum, but it is definitely worth it when you are interested in art.

During our stay in Florence we tested many different restaurants and cafés and always tried to find places besides the typical tourist routes. The ‘Wine Bar Dorsoduro 3821’ was definitely one of those places. It is very authentic and it seems to be that a lot of neighbours meet there. Two more recommendations are Giannino in San Lorenzo for a typical Florentina steak and the Hosteria da Ganino for tasty, local food.

Florence is a great city, but you need to find your own way of exploring the city. We tried to stay away from the masses of tourists and groups of students and really enjoyed this city.


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