Lighthouse Festival, Croatia

The time has finally come, Lighthouse Festival 2016, one of our favourite times every year. This electronic festival is organized by Pratersauna (Vienna) and took place for the fourth time after starting in 2013. Their slogan is ‘electronic music on vacation’ and this perfectly fits! It combines your vacation in one of the best spots in Europe with a unique electronic experience.

On our way to the Lighthouse Festival we drove through Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia by car and this only increased the pleasant anticipation before the beginning of the festival. When we finally saw the Lighthouse Festival banners at the entrance of Lanterna Apartments in Tar (near Porec), (map), we couldn’t wait for our four days music vacation to begin. The festival could be called luxury, as all visitors are accommodated in two, four or six bed flats with a kitchen, two levels, three balconies and two bathrooms. There are no campgrounds at all and therefore this festival stands out from the other electronic festivals.

What makes the Lighthouse Festival so special are the two main stages directly located at the sea, where you can dance in the water while listening to electronic beats. Besides the main stages there are always many small, secret parties going on which you will sometimes only find by  coincidence. Pool parties, apartment parties, a party on a paintball field, a pizza party, hip hop parties, a table tennis tournament, a roller disco, a party within a bumber car area and so on.

You have all the freedom you need; cook your own food, have a little apartment party, take your drinks with you on the dance floor, enjoy all the different locations, the sea, the amazing atmosphere and the laid-back audience.

If you have the possibility to visit Pula for a few hours, don’t hesitate!It only takes about 50 minutes by car and it is worth it.. Pula is a beautiful little town with an impressive amphitheater, a pretty big harbour and many small, charming streets filled with restaurants and little shops. If you are able to get to the Lighthouse Festival by plane, you will probably arrive in Pula.

The Lighthouse Festival is absolutely unique. It is a rather small festival with around 3000 visitors in 2016 and is therefore still a hidden secret. The location, the stages, the acts, the love for details in their decoration, the various spontaneous parties, the crowd and in general the idea are unbeatable. Sometimes you feel like you are in another world – a colourful and electronic world.

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